Best Painting Contractors In Cape Town

So how do you choose good roof painting contractors Cape Town? They first need to know how to paint and do high pressure cleaning of walls and roofs. A paint company in the Western Cape also needs to know how to clean up after a project is done and do finishing touches. That’s the most time consuming part of painting a house, commercial building or factory.

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Here are a few pointers when choosing a painting service business

  1. A paint contractor should have a certificate to prove they are accredited and licensed to work as a painting contractor. The NHBRC also inspects residential houses to make sure the paint work is standard quality.
  2. All painters should have at least 4 years experience painting houses, dong flat roof repairs,commercial apartments or flats, industrial warehouses, boundary wall painters Cape Town and roofs as well as know how to properly operate a high pressure cleaner.
  3. Painting service companies must have extensive knowledge on paint colours and quality brand products to recommend to clients. The sales team should also be able to guide the potential prospect in the right direction when matching up roof tile or sheets coulors with the colour of the house and boundary wall.
  4. Get recommendations from a company that claims they do quality workmanship. Talk is cheap so make so two or three of their previous clients vouches for their work.
  5. Make sure the workers clean up properly after they worked on your property. There should also be a onsite manager or supervisor for quality control.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right color for your painting project:

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