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Bust Geysers

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is a burst geyser. Burst geysers come at a time when you least expect it and leave a huge mess where they are mounted. If you’re lucky your geyser is situated in your garage in an enclosed cupboard so if it does burst in leaks in the garage and not the house. Unfortunately most geysers are installed in the roof of your house so if it does burst your whole ceiling gets wet and caves in.


So what canĀ  you do about this problem? There are plumbers in Cape Town that are on 24 hour emergency call to help you solve this problem. You really just need to pick up your phone and call them and they will be out within a couple of minutes.

A leaking toilet or shower is another headache people have to deal with from time to time. A blocked drain is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you as it can leave a big mess in your bathroom or kitchen. You can also use a plumber to fit your sink in your kitchen and connect the taps pipes.

Bathroom Renovations

Plumbers in Cape Town don’t usually just do the plumbing in a home but also complete bathroom renovations. This would include installing the bath, basin, shower and even do the cabinetry and tiling. Make sure you use a reputable plumber with allot of references before taking on big complete bathroom renovations as it can cost you in the long run. If a plumber delivers poor workmanship it can cost double as much to fix what they’ve messed up so just get someone to do it right first time.

bathroom renovation cape town

Solar Geysers

If you really want to save money get a plumber to install a solar geyser for your home. You will have warm water all year round and as your water heater is powered by the sun you don’t have to pay a cent for electricity.


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