Best Bible Colleges In Cape Town

The first thing you have to ask yourself is do you want a degree in theology or do you want to change your life. One of the most difficult things to do in life is to change old habits and reforming or renewing your mind is most probably at the top of that list.

So here’s me. After a long battle with sex, drugs and house music I finally decided to go to a Cape Town bible college. Not because I wanted to learn theology, I mean what druggy needs that in their life right? No I was desperately in need of help and needed direction for my life. Moreover and needed deliverance from this trapped mind I was a prisoner to. I use to be a hectic introvert which is not a bad thing except drugs made me that way. I had a bad trip on LSD couldn’t shake it off. So imaging waking up every morning knowing that you’re going to see the world, things and people differently. I was constantly paranoid and had to huge battles just trying to concentrate what someone was trying to have a conversation with me.

I hit how I felt very well though. On the surface everything looked cool with me. I rocked up for work and never missed a day, I’d smile and keep up appearances as if nothing was wrong but as days went by I became more and more tired. It was like dragging something very heavy behind me and I can’t shake it off.

So I tried reading books about how the mind works to try I change my thinking. None of if worked. As a matter of fact it made it worse and opened up more possibilities that I may be going insane.

This is when I realized I need Jesus my maker. The One who made me should be able to fix me right? So what was the next logical thing to do? Go to a school or college where they teach you about Him and his Word.

Now I gotta hand it to you I was very fortunate. The church I went to that owned a bible college was owned by an apostle that stayed opposite me when I was a child. The apostles daughter and my sister were good friends and my sister at the exact time I need the Lord in my life was going to go to Miracle Bible College in Cape Town.

So I decided to sign up when she did.

So here’s what happened in short after I went.

  • I got delivered from drugs
  • my mind was completely healed
  • I got married in my 3rd year of bible college
  • I started my own business and prospered
  • I have a son now as well ; )

I am writing this article to get the word out there about what the Lord did for me and if there is anyone out there that is in the position I was I want to tell you the Lord will heal you if you turn to Him.

Grace and peace to you.